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Xtreme Property Management

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About Us
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Customers like to know about the company behind the services they buy.

Xtreme Property Management

A Little About Our Business.

We have Been in business For 8+ Years now.We are a growing Business with a vision to provide quality services for a variety of property management needs.We offer affordable prices for everyones budget. We have a dedicated group that is ready to get your job done the right way the first time.

Our Philosophy

Our affordable Price drive us more and more customers Everyday. Why spend the big bucks to have to have a Huge Company come out to your property that does the same Quality we do. We have heard the same thing over and over again from our New customers about there previous Landscape Contractor. " They never come one time or They dont do what they say they are going to do" Customers Get tired of called a business over and over wanting to know when they are gonna be there to service there yard.I mean why not do the job right the first time? Why should you have to call and ask why its not done the right way? Communication is one of our top Factors in running our Business. If we cant make it to the job that day we call to let you know why and when we will be there. Most Business's Have to much on there plate, Getting More work then they can handle. We Keep a moderate Customer base so we are not overloaded and we can be there on time.We Treat our Customers as Friends But still Keep a business relationship with them.Choose XPM and it will be the last Lawn Care Business you will ever need to call.

" For All Your Landscaping Needs! "